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Hotel and restaurant in the Ubaye Valley : Snowshoeing



Cross the snowy footpaths of the mountains, pavement of snowshoes to the feet to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the Alpes de Haute Provence. A moment of tranquility in the heart of nature!

You can browse the domains of:

Pra Loup: Circuit of Rocher Jaumas (6km)
→ easy backward and forward

Larche: Footpath - Snowshoeing
→ Backward and forward from Larche Plage (3km, 1 H)
→ Backward and forward from Larche to Maison Méane (6 km, 2 hours)

Jausiers: The Meyries, Le Coulet
→ Backward and forward to the Plateau des Meyries (5 km, 2 hours)

→ Tours of Saint Ours, Easy (3 km)

→ The Cabanes (1H30)
→ Mountain restaurants (3 hours round trip)
→ Domaine de l'Alp (4 H return trip)

→ Nordic itineraries Maljasset (3 km, 1 H)

Saint Anne:
→ Circuit des Eyssalps (3 km, easy)
→ Circuit of the Chapel Saint-Anne (6 km, easy)

Station of Monclar:
→ The four easy circuits have been marked

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